How to Make a DIY After-Sun Body Oil

I’ve been enjoying using this simple after sun body oil very much. It’s nourishing but quite dry and non-greasy. Here is the recipe: give it a try!

As the base of the recipe, I used fractionated coconut oil: it's hydrating but not greasy, and more lighterweight in texture than regular coconut oil. Plus, it's anti-bacterial too, thanks to the lauric acid. 

You can also add sweet almond oil and why not, infuse it first in calendula petals for its soothing and anti-irritant properties. (Check out this reel to find out how to make it!) 

Finish off this oil with anti-oxidant ingredients as vitamin E, carrot seed oil, coenzyme Q10, sea buckthorn oil. These oils are all amazing at regenerating skin’s tissue. 


Here are the exact ingredients I used for this recipe:  

Fractionated coconut oil 82.5% 41.3g/14.5oz
Calendula infused sunflower or sweet almond oil 15% 7.5g/2.6oz
Coenzyme Q10 or carrot seed oil 1% 0.5g/0.01oz
Sea buckthorn oil 0.5% 0.3g/0.01oz
Vitamin E 1% 0.5g/0.01oz


This is how I made it:

  • Pour your fractionated coconut oil into a jug
  • Add the other oil (sunflower or sweet almond)
  • Add the anti-oxidants (Coenzyme Q10 or carrot seed oil)
  • Finish off with Sea buckthorn oil and Vitamin E
  • Pour everything into a spray bottle and enjoy

 Possible uses

You can use this soothing oil as:

  • post-shower ointment
  • post-shaving soothing cream
  • after-sun oil

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