Greet Vanlaer, Zero Waste Haircare Student

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Today I am delighted to introduce you to Greet, one of our Zero Waste Haircare students.

Meet Greet

Greet | Bottega Zero Waste 

My husband came back from the hospital. A dangerous bacteria had caused a long and painful leg infection and his skin would not heal. I found out that mineral oil-based ointments can soften the skin in a way that prevents it from regenerating, so I tried to make an olive oil-based ointment. His leg healed! When I realized what an impact such small things have, a fascinating world opened up to me. I took a look around my house and realized that for everything that is used, you can come up with a homemade version. Since then I have not stopped. I make dishwashing liquid, detergent, cleaning spray, ointments, balms, creams, toilet product, shampoos, conditioner, deo. You name it and I have my own version of it. My house became much healthier. I felt that very strongly because I have asthma, and since I make my own products, I have been able to cut my medication for half.

Zero waste products | Bottega Zero Waste

I am still learning every day, literally. Thanks to Marta, but also thanks to LisaLise and Marie Rayma from Humblebee & Me.

For example, I discovered that it is very easy to make glycerates, based on glycerine, flowers, herbs or fruit. That way you get a great base product that you can use in formulas instead of glycerine. This will give your creams a beautiful color (raspberry pink, for example) and a wonderful scent (strawberries, for example).

Zero waste products | Bottega Zero Waste

Want to learn how to make your own shampoo bar from scratch? 



Greet's Favourite Products

My favorite product? Hard to choose! Shampoo bars (thank you Marta!), sure. But also my very simple deodorant based on a carrier oil, cetearyl alcohol, tapioca starch and zinc ricinoleate. I also like making dishwashing products. I make it based on water, SCI, washing soda, Orangenodex and xanthan gum. Did you know that you can make a delicious coffee drink with xanthan gum? You take plant-based milk, add a few spoonfuls of instant coffee, optionally (natural) sweeteners, and a small amount of xanthan gum. Just mix and you're done! My hobby? Treat my friends to coffee drinks while they learn to make shampoo bars (at my house).

Zero waste products | Bottega Zero Waste

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