Zero Waste living means simplifying your life.

My zero waste journey started from a desire to reduce waste and adopt a more minimalistic lifestyle. This need made me realise I actually knew so little about the products I consumed, what they were really made of, and where they went after I had finished consuming them.

My first swap was a handmade natural soap. Something so simple, yet how was it possible I didn't know how soap was made? The first time I tried making soap I got really intrigued by the process: I really thought that soap making could be the closest thing to magic. From there, I realised there was much more behind having a simple hobby. Making your own products, with very few ingredients, was proving to be key in reducing the amount of waste I would otherwise make from buying ready-made, disposable bath and beauty products.

While making my own products I also started sharing my journey online through my Instagram and Youtube channel. I also started handcrafting premium palm oil free soap, made and sold in small batched through my online store.

Alongside making the products, I started to realise many people where really interested in learning the same skills I had acquired over the years. 

This is how Bottega Zero Waste Online School was born, offering courses from Natural Soap Making, to Shampoo & Conditioner Bars Making, as well as Zero Waste Make Up. My team and I obsess about our student's success: that's why each course will not only empower you to formulate your own unique recipes, but will also give you invaluable ongoing support from myself and a growing community of other zero wasters.