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Zero Waste Talks

Respect your skin

Choose products that are fully compostable and are made with 100% natural ingredients that are not harmful for you and the environment

Choose natural beauty products that are good for you and the environment

Avoid any products that come in disposable packaging, choose reusables instead

Buy cruelty free, palm oil free, ethical beauty products

Try to make some beauty products yourself!

Protect the Environment

A zero waste home is safer for the environment and for our health

Make your own all-purpose water, lemon and vinegar surface cleaner

Use an home-made soap bar to clean dishes and ditch plastic bottled, harmful detergents

Use a bamboo pot scrub instead of a disposable sponge to clean dishes

Make your own air freshener to purify and humidify the air


Shop Unpackaged

Buying unpackaged food in world full of plastic is possible

Shop at local markets and look for stalls selling loose fruit and veggies

Avoid take away food when you can. Instead, cook at home and bring your own food using a reusable container

Bring your own reusable bags when you go shopping

Filter your tap water with a charcoal stick instead of buying water in plastic


Live Minimally

Buy less, choose quality over quantity, reuse and upcycle items

Look for second hand shops instead of buying commercial and unethical brand new clothes

Support small businesses that carry ethical values

Bring your own reusable water bottle and food containers when on the go

Waste ``less`` energy and exercise more: walk and cycle when you can