How to Make an Easy and Creamy Face & Body Zero Waste Lotion

Here is the thing, you don't need to buy lotion at the store: you can make your own! I am telling you this because I stopped buying lotions about a year ago, right when I started making them at home.

DIY lotions can be very simple or very complex, and that's what I love about them. When you make them, you are the one who is in control.


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Easy Zero Waste Lotion

To keep things chill for this one, the recipe I came up with is definitely on the easy-side. It's perfect if you like your lotions with a smooth, pourable consistency just like that of the classic store-bough lotions.  

Plus, the making process is so fun, simple and rewarding. Much more interesting than a trip to your local beauty store! 

So here is this simple zero waste lotion!


80% Distilled water (48 g/1.69 oz)
14% Oil of your choice (8.4 g/0.29 oz)
4% Olivem 1000 (2.4 g/0.085 oz)
1% Cetyl alcohol (0.6 g/0.021 oz)
1% Preservative (I used Cosgard) (0.6 g/0.021 oz)



Since I love a subtle chamomile and neroli smell, I customized my lotion by making with a mix of glycerin, neroli water, and chamomile-infused fractioned coconut oil. So feel free to customize your own zero waste lotion to make it smell just the way you like it!

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