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I hope you are doing well!  I want to introduce you to our April Maker of the Month, Claudia! ✨

Claudia Maker of the Month | Bottega Zero Waste

I'm Claudia , originally from Uruguay but living in Florida, United States with my husband Gustavo, my son Enzo and our cat Miaucito. When I found out the products I was using in my everyday routine were filled with toxic ingredients, I knew I had to make a change. 
Since then I've done continuous research and began taking courses, learning about plants, oils, natural butters, etc. I started making lip balms, salves and bath products for my family and friends, and then I participated in Marta's Soap workshop and a new world was discovered for me. I love making soaps, including botanicals and nourishing oils.

In 2019 I started Pineapple Apothecary where I sell my soaps and some of my creations, like salves, bath bombs and clay masks. At this moment I'm studying botanical skincare formulation and botanical haircare.
Pineapple apothecary | Bottega Zero Waste

Creating and using body care products is a self-care practice. It is a process that I really enjoy, from choosing the ingredients, botanicals, oils, butters, combining them and knowing that they do not contain harmful chemicals. One of the things I started during this pandemic was create my own organic garden, where I have lovely plants from seeds. This was a great experience, I'm so proud to see them grow. I love my calendula, lavender, mint, basil, parsley, dandelions and more!

Claudia's Favourite Recipe

One of the things I love is making infused oils using herbs like Calendula, Basil, Dandelions, etc. It's an effective way to take advantage of the properties of many herbs, using the oil itself of adding to balms or lotions. One of my favourite recipes is my Dandelions Balm - it's nourishing and lovely to the skin. I live in warm weather, and is summer all year long, so I need to protect my skin. I repurpose empty mint containers to put my balm andI always have one in my purse or bathroom. It leaves my skin soft and lightly scented with Lemongrass essential oil. You can use your favourite essential oil!
You will need:
  • 1 oz Infused Jojoba oil ( Dandelions)
  • 1 oz Candelilla wax or 1.3 oz Beeswax
  • 0.5 oz Shea butter 0.3 oz Cocoa butter
  • Optional: 0.5% Vitamin E 0.3% Lemongrass essential oil
I choose Dandelions for all the benefits. Is a powerful plant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, and antimicrobial. I used Jojoba oil because I love it! It can be switched up depending on what you have on hand. I hope you can make it and enjoy it as much I do!
pineapple apothecary | Bottega Zero Waste
I had the opportunity to find out about Bottega Zero Waste through Instagram. I loved learning about making skin care and household products that are kind to not only the skin but also the environment. Marta's recipes are creative, nourishing, potent and effective. Bottega Zero Waste inspired me to try my hand at stirring up my own recipes from scratch and learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
pineapple apothecary | Bottega Zero Waste
Don't forget to check her store, the Pineapple Apothecary
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