Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, we are also entering the season of...gifting.

And with gifts, often comes lots of waste.


Plastic Waste

This is the amount of waste produced by households globally each year.

Now, if this is the amount of waste the average household produces a year, imagine how much more waste is introduced in our houses and often ends up going straight to landfill around Christmas time.

And we all know that when we throw something away...well, there isn't really such a thing as "away". This "away" is our planet's landfills. However, gifting can still be a beautiful thing, if done mindfully. Here are some Christmas gifts ideas to start thinking about what to gift this year, without creating extra waste.

Normalising second hand gifts

When did "second hand" become synonymous with cheap, dirty or poor quality? There is a whole magical world of second hand items that are often sold in excellent condition - if not barely touched. Now, when you shop for second hand items, the same rule applies if you were shopping first hand: only get what you think would truly be helpful and useful, rather than buying for the sake of getting something!

My favourite second hand items apps are: Vinted, Facebook Marketplace, Olio, Ebay, Depop, Shpok, Gumtree (UK).

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Hand-make something

Of course, how could I not add this in here! You have the power to making so many beautiful handcrafted skincare and bathroom products: from lip balms, to deodorants, candles, handmade lotions or even food. The list is endless and will make your gift truly extra special. 

 DIY handmade products | Bottega Zero Waste 

Support small businesses

If you prefer to buy something ready made and don't feel like getting something second hand, the most logical thing to do would be to support small businesses.

You can also look for Christmas markets happening around your area, as this is where most Makers will gather to sell their creations in the lead up to Christmas day.

Handmade Soaps | Bottega Zero Waste

One word: plants

Who doesn't love plants? If you are out of ideas, consider getting someone a plant. Indoor ones will last really long if they are well looked after. Indoor ones will last really long if well looked after and come in all different sizes and shapes.

I hope you enjoyed these zero waste gift ideas, and if you have more suggestions, just let me know in the comments below!

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