How to Make an Oil Infusion

Today, I am showing you how to make an oil infusion. 

Infusing flowers and herbs in oil is a really wonderful way to create truly unique handmade products specifically aimed at restoring different skin conditions.

I recently made a lavender oil which, thanks to lavender's amazing proprieties, is soothing, anti-inflammatory and perfect for irritated or stressed skin.

Also, the oil will retain a bit of the plant aroma so it’s a great idea if you want to make a gently scented product and don’t want to use essential oils!


How to Make an Oil Infusion

To make it, you'll need: 

- Dried flowers or herbs of your choice
- An oil of your choice to fill up your jar (I like olive oil, sweet almond oil, and sunflower oil because they are rich in oleic acid, perfect for dry, sensitive skin)
- optional vitamin E (about 1 teaspoon for 1 jam jar)
- A couple of clean jars: one to infuse the oil, one to strain the infused oil in
- A cheesecloth, muslin cloth/bag or clean stocking!


- Fill up a jar with the herbs (Never fill it all the way to the top, so there is a bit or room to close the lid)
- Then add the oil and optional vitamin E and close the lid tightly
- Leave the jar to infuse for 2 to 6 weeks.
- Once the time has passed, open the jar and stir the herbs
- Wrap a cheesecloth or clean stockings around the open jar
- Get your other jar and pour the infusion from the old one.
- Close the lid and make sure to label the jar with the infusion You can use your infusion directly on your skin, in so many skincare recipes like body salves or solid lotions, or even to give special properties and colours to natural soaps.

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