Olivia Sanchez - Founder of Sudz Cauldron and Zero Waste Haircare and Soap Making for Zero Wasters Student

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Today I am delighted to introduce you to Olivia, Zero Waste Haircare and Soap Making for Zero Wasters student and owner of Sudz Cauldron. 

The beginning of a beautiful story 

"Hi my name is Olivia Sanchez, founder of Sudz Cauldron. I first became Interested in zero waste living about three years ago after attending several ocean cleanup events in my local community each year and seeing the impact we have in the world and our environment. This ignited my passion to seek alternatives I could make in my life to reduce daily waste in my life. At the time, I had long hair that was overly dry and began to notice how quickly I went through many plastics bottles. Therefore, I began to research alternative hair care products that were vegan and came across shampoo and conditions bars. I became intrigued by the concept and began my own research to learn how to make my own."

Finding Bottega Zero Waste courses

"In this process I came across the Bottega Zero Waste YouTube channel and the rest is history. Your course really allowed me the opportunity to learn and grow, giving me the confidence to do further research and now a year late create my own bars and open up my own shop that is launching this month! Marta, is absolutely kind and extremely helpful always taking her time to explain any questions and the best soap instructors. I look forward to many more tips and will be taking the other soap course now that I completed the one for shampoo bars."


Founding Sudz Cauldron - salon quality plastic-free haircare brand

"We believe that everyone deserves access to heathy hair products that contain transparent ingredients. Therefore, we are creating bars that meet the needs of diverse hair types."

"Currently, one of my favorite bars is our Electra bar. This is a bar that contains purple pigments that help neutralize brassy tones in hair and works best for individuals with blonde or gray hair. Additionally, brunettes with ombré and balayage hair care can benefit and we also created a purple conditioner bar that can add extra nourishment to damaged hair. We will also be launching a bar for oily and dry hair and are shortly after will be launching our bars for dandruff, curly/coily, and kinky hair."

Check out Olivia's haircare brand here! 

Maker shampoo bars

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