How to Make Exfoliating Soap REUSING Coffee or Tea Grounds

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Not sure what to do with your coffee or tea scraps? Easy, turn them into soap! 
Read on to learn how you can repurpose your coffee grounds to make a gently exfoliating soap. If you are not a coffee drinker, you can also use tea grounds.

As always, let’s make sure we are all geared up for safety. Put on your goggles, gloves, and wear comfortable clothes with long sleeves and pants. 

As the soap will be exfoliating, I have used a high quantity of olive oil to ensure the soap is very moisturising, as well as sunflower oil to add silkiness to the lather. The coconut oil will make the soap bubbly and the cocoa butter hard and creamy. 

reuse coffee tea grounds to make exfoliating soap


Download the recipe card here

reuse coffee tea grounds to make exfoliating soap


As a first step we will prepare our lye solution using a stainless steel saucepan or a heat safe pyrex glass container. 

Remember, always add the lye to the water and never the opposite and please make sure you are geared up for safety. Even if you wear glasses please wear your safety googles and your mask.The solution will heat up and we need to wait for it to cool down to about 110 F-43 C. Make sure to cover it with a cloth and leave it in a safe area far from pet and children.

reuse coffee tea grounds to make exfoliating soap

While we wait for the solution to cool down, we can prepare our oils and additives. We will weight down all the oils we need in one stainless steel saucepan and melt them on the stove at low heat. 

I will then add 1 teaspoon of the ground coffee, making sure if it dry, and add 1 teaspoon of essential oil on it.

Once the oils and the lye have reached similar temperature (around 43 C-110 F) and they are roughly 10 degrees apart, you can add the lye to the oils and start stick blending until you reach a light trace. This is when the soap leaves a faint trail when left dripping on the soap batter. 

At the stage, we also incorporate our essential oils and coffee mix and mix well with a spatula until well incorporated. Stick blend a few more seconds to reach a slightly thicker trace and pour into your chosen moulds.

reuse coffee tea grounds to make exfoliating soapreuse coffee tea grounds to make exfoliating soap

reuse coffee tea grounds to make exfoliating soap

Leave to harden in the mould for about 24 hours, and once hard, gently remove it from the mould and leave to cure (meaning for any left-over lye to evaporate from the soap) for at least 4 weeks, better if 6!

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