How to make an all natural lip balm using just three ingredients

This week we are going to be making a deeply nourishing lip balm!

Enriched with shea butter and a deep nourishing oil such as sweet almond oil, this lip balm is perfect to keep lips hydrated. The wax will ensure it remains hard even during warmer temperatures and will also create a protective barrier for the lips. Ok, let's get started.


You will need just 3 main ingredients:

  • Candelilla wax - a plant waxed derived from the Mexican candelilla plant. If you prefer, you can also use beeswax - I have included any substitutions in the description box down below.
  • An oil of your choice - I am using sweet almond
  • Shea butter - I recommend using the refined version as the unrefined can have quite an overpowering scent and taste.
  • Optional sweet orange essential oil to scent the lip balm

You can pour this balm into a cardboard tube or into a tin.

I got the cardboard tube here:

Don't live in the UK and are not sure where to buy ingredients from? Download my free worldwide suppliers list: ➜ 


  • 13.05 g/0.46 oz sweet almond oil (43.5%)
  • 13.05 g/0.46 oz shea butter (43.5%)
  • 3.75 g/0.13 oz candelilla wax (12.5%)
  • 2 drops sweet orange essential oil (optional) (0.5%)


    Weigh all the ingredients in a heat safe bowl, and place them in a bain-marie Let them melt slowly at low heat until you can see that the mix is very clear and smooth.

    Then, stir well and add the optional essential oil.

    Pour into a lipstick tube or a shallow tin.

    Pop in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Don't leave it for longer or the intense cold it will likely crack it. If you leave it to airdry, the butter might become super grainy so I really recommend to let it solidify with this method.

    This balm is so natural and simple you can even use it as a 2-1 lips and hand moisturiser. I really hope you have enjoyed this recipe, if you did don't forget to subscribe for more natural and simple diy recipes.


      • You can swap the sweet almond oil for any oil you want
      • You can use mango butter instead of shea butter (refined or unrefined both are ok but the unrefined has a weird taste)
      • If you want to use beeswax, double the amount of wax in the recipe If you prefer you can also use cocoa butter, which will give you a harder and less creamy texture

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