Whipped Hemp Body Butter Recipe

Today, we are going to be making a deeply nourishing hemp body butter.  This recipe contains just four simple ingredients: hemp butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E.

Hemp Body Butter Ingredients

I highly recommend to use the unrefined versions for each ingredient. Together, they create a delicious chocolate, coconut and green tea like scent. This is what hemp butter smells to me!

Makes 60 grams/2.11 oz

60% coconut oil (36 g/1.27 oz) (or another oil, but the texture will be different) 30% hemp butter (18 g/0.63 oz) or you can also use mango butter or shea butter (but with shea butter it will be greasier)
9% cocoa butter (5.4 g/0.19 oz) (or another brittle butter like kokum butter)
1% vitamin E (0.6 g/0.02 oz) (or remove it - you can also add essential oils up to 1%)

Hemp Body Butter Ingredients for Sensitive Skin | Bottega Zero Waste

    The Ideal Body Butter for Sensitive Skin

    As the ingredients in this body butter smell so good naturally, you really won't need essential oils. If you have sensitive skin, this is ideal as these oils can cause irritation.

    The star ingredient of this recipe is hemp butter. This butter is great for sensitive skin thanks to its high content of linoleic acid.

    Hemp butter is quite dry, and therefore also super fast absorbing. Which is also why it works perfectly well alongside the greasier texture of coconut oil and the richness of cocoa butter. Again, making this recipe perfect for sensitive skin.

    When to Use Hemp Body Butter

    It's also multi-purpose! It can be used as a body butter after a shower or shaving. You can even use it as a gentle nappy balm for your baby.

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    How to Make Whipped Hemp Body Butter

    1. We will start by weighing our butters and oils. Add everything apart from the vitamin E, to a heat-safe beaker in no particular order.

    2. Melt these at bain marie on a low heat.

    3. Once fully melted, wait for the beaker to cool down for a few minutes, and then place it in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes. You want to achieve a consistency that looks solid at first, but you touch it with a spoon it should break and melt easily.

    DIY Whipped Hemp Body Butter Consistency | Bottega Zero Waste

    This semi-solid state is able to incorporate lots of air, so it's is the perfect consistency to whip the product into a fluffy cream.

    4. The next step: whip the butters up using a whisk, until they almost have the consistency of whipped cream. I whipped for about 5 minutes but if you can whip for longer.

    Whipped Hemp Body Butter Recipe | Bottega Zero Waste

    5. Mid-way through the whipping, incorporate the vitamin E. This will not only prevent the oils from going rancid, but will also add extra viscosity and moisture to the cream.

    Half way through add Vitamin E | Whipped Hemp Body Butter Recipe | Bottega Zero Waste

    6. At this stage, you are free to incorporate any essential oils at up to 1% of your recipe. However, I decided not to because the cream smelled too good on its own!

    7. Add the whipped butter to your chosen container. I divided mine into two 30g tins. Therefore, I can keep one butter on my bedside table to apply before going to bed. The other, I leave in my bathroom, to apply after a warm shower or a shave.

    Whipped Hemp Body Butter Recipe | Bottega Zero Waste

    This body butter sinks right into the skin, making it feel hydrated but not oily at all. You really have to try this recipe! And if you do, make sure to let me know by tagging me on Instagram @bottegazerowaste. I love to see them!

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