3 Ingredients Solid Perfume Recipe

This solid perfume recipe is incredibly easy!

The key to having a really performing solid perfume is to nail a good "viscosity": this is the ability of a product to glide on the skin smoothly, without feel draggy.

The solid perfume should also melt easily when in contact with the skin, without being overly oily.

If you feel that the scent of the essential oils is not strong enough, you can use a fragrance instead. The scent will definitely stick more, but this decision is entirely up to you.


1 teaspoon oil, shea butter and wax

9 grams total

0.9 essential oils

about 5 drops for 9 grams of product


1 teaspoon half of shea

half teaspoon candelilla wax

1 teaspoon oil

7.50 grams total

about 0.07

around 4 drops


half of shea

2 teaspoon soy wax

7 grams


around 4 drops

Melt these ingredients together, add the essential oils to the melted ingredients, and pour into a 10 grams aluminium tin or mould, such as a flexible ice-cube tray silicone mould.

If you have created the perfume using a mould, you can store the little cubes inside a jar or inside a piece of waxed paper.


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