Zero Waste living tome means living more simply. Since I've decided to live as zero waste aspossible, I've decided to take control of what I was putting on my skin and theplanet. I started hand-making soap and beauty products and now run workshopsand courses where I teach other zero wasters to do the same!

Good for you, not just Zero Waste

All Bottega Zero Waste's soaps are made using the traditional cold process method which does not involve adding any heat, allowing the soap making reaction to happen naturally when mixing the ingredients. 

This reaction also naturally creates moisturizing glycerin. Every soap bar is made using a 5% superfatting, which means that 5% of the oils used in the recipes is left unsaponified, making the soap bars extra nourishing for the skin. 

Resolving Needs, Avoiding the Unnecessary

I truly believe zero waste beauty is so much more than buying tools and gadgets that will replace your original plastic-wrapped option. I think that a minimalistic and essential lifestyle can give you so much more happiness and freedom.