I Make, but I also teach you to Make

My own journey towards zero waste beauty started for a simple reason: the need of controlling what I was putting on my skin, and how much waste my wellbeing was producing. 

I have always had a very sensitive skin and was in desperate need of natural, green alternatives which wouldn't defeat their purpose by being wrapped up in some shiny and sad plastic packaging.

Whenever I found plastic-free options, I couldn't really understand or trust some of the ingredients on the back label. Even worst, I would find myself asking why a shampoo bar had to be bright green to simply nourish your hair.

That's when I started asking myself if I could control both what I was putting on my skin and the waste produced. I decided to teach myself everything I could about green, zero waste beauty. Let me tell you, the freedom and feeling when you can create or simply understand cosmetics is priceless.

I want to share this with you through recipes and tutorials. If you are not into making but still would love to adopt this lifestyle, simply try my products on my shop. I like to be really transparent and will explain you the what and why of every ingredients I use.

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Good for you, not just Zero Waste

All Bottega Zero Waste's soaps are made using the traditional cold process method which does not involve adding any heat, allowing the soap making reaction to happen naturally when mixing the ingredients. 

This reaction also naturally creates moisturizing glycerin. Every soap bar is made using a 5% superfatting, which means that 5% of the oils used in the recipes is left unsaponified, making the soap bars extra nourishing for the skin. 

Resolving Needs, Avoiding the Unnecessary

I truly believe zero waste beauty is so much more than buying tools and gadgets that will replace your original plastic-wrapped option. I think that a minimalistic and essential lifestyle can give you so much more happiness and freedom.

That's why on the shop you will always find products that have been created by talented like-minded artists to solve real needs.

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Unwrapping Imperfection

My mission with Bottega Zero Waste is to guide you through your own discovery on how to leave a life with the least environmental impact possible, while embracing its imperfections.

My mission number 1 is to always source ingredients which are packaged using the lowest environmental impact possible. However, whenever a plastic free option is simply not available, we need to embrace the imperfection and find alternative routes in our zero wast beauty journey.

The product's packaging comes from recycled or post-consumer waste. For example, the soaps packaging is obtained using algae skimmed from the surface of the Venice lagoon interlocked with FSC certified and sustainable wood.

All products are shipped using recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes with occasionally compostable tape. I use an almond-based glue which is also compostable.

The Story Behind the Brand

Just like zero waste living, the world of Bottega Zero Waste is light, relaxing and colourful.

All the illustrations on the website and the packaging come from the creative mind of Styngvi (Stefán Yyngvi), a talented artist, designer and illustrator from Iceland (@styngvi). Styngvi's goal is to create simple yet powerful messages to spread awareness of human impact on our planet. Through his art, he brings up complex issues such as plastic pollution and global warming in a way to inspire action and create more appreciation for wildlife and nature. 

The head with the flowers represents the pure essence of Bottega Zero Waste's mission. Inspiring and empowering you to live and think natural and zero waste.

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