Zero Waste Make-Up Remover DIY

How do you remove make-up without producing any waste?

I have been using disposable make-up remover tissues for such a long time and cannot really believe how simple an inexpensive it is instead to remove your make up completely zero waste. It’s so so simple: all you need a light oil of your choice and a soft cloth. I use a 100% cotton tissue which I have upcycled from an old cotton shirt and sewed together with an old towel.

I’m using coconut oil which works great in the summer when it’s always in a liquid state but you need fractionated coconut oil if you want it to stay liquid throughout colder temperatures! Otherwise other good options that remain liquid are sunflower oil or sweet almond oil.

What to do if you are travelling and cannot bring any liquids? It will take you a tiny bit longer, but the microfibre cloth with a bit of warm water will work just fine.


-spray a tiny amount of the oil on the cloth (super tiny or your eyes will feel super oily and sticky, not nice!)

-rub gently on your face and your eyes re-adding a bit of oil if necessary

-wash and rinse your face well with a bar of soap. I use my homemade activated charcoal & avocado peppermint tea tree soap

Does it work? Yes!

What is your experience with zero waste make up removal?

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