DIY Cleaning Spray Made with Orange Peels

This recipe is so incredibly easy but so worth it because let's be honest, vinegar doesn't smell really good. By infusing the peels of a citrus fruit you will be able to remove any odours completely. Trust me when I say the vinegar will seriously smells like the fruit you picked. And of course what's best is that you are giving the peels a second life, preventing them from going straight into the waste bin.

It's incredible!

You will need:

  • A bottle of white vinegar
  • A jar
  • A funnel
  • 3-4 oranges or lemons or any other citrus fruit like grapefruit or a mix of them

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How to make a DIY cleaning spray

1. Remove the peel from the citrus fruit that you choose

What you want is to be able to fill up a jar. The more peels, the stronger it will take on the smell of the fruit. If you can, try not to leave any pulp on the peels so you don't have to filter these out later.

Remove the orange peel | Natural DIY cleaning spray | Bottega Zero Waste

Also, you don't necessarily need to do this all in one go, I actually just do it as a eat the fruit, and save the peels in the fridge in a little bag or Tupperware! After a week of eating the fruit you will probably have a good amount to create your vinegar cleaning spray.

2. Top up the jar with vinegar, close the lid and let soak in for a couple of weeks storing the closed jar inside a cupboard

You can also leave it for a little longer, sometimes I forget about it and filter it out after 3 weeks and that's perfectly fine. Once those 2-3 weeks are over, it's time to filter the peels out.

Top up the jar with vinegar | Natural DIY cleaning spray | Bottega Zero Waste

3. Filter the mixture

Place a funnel onto a spray bottle. I also like to use a piece of cloth to catch any possible leftover white pulp or bits of peels that might get into the bottle.

Filter the mixture | Natural DIY cleaning spray | Bottega Zero Waste

4. Fill up the rest of the bottle with water

It is perfect for glass and general bathroom cleaning but best to avoid wood, marble, granite, since it's too acidic and could damage it overtime. A couple of sprays on your dishes before starting the dishwasher will make them super shiny!

 Top up with water | Natural DIY cleaning spray | Bottega Zero Waste

If you have very hard water and your hair tend to get coarse and hard to detangle, you can also use it as a natural conditioner, just add a little on your hair when you are in the shower to soften the hair.

Have you tried this hack before? Do you have any other tips for your perfect peel infused vinegar cleaner?

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