DIY Calendula Oil

Summer is the time for rest, relaxation, and fun activities! And what's more fun AND relaxing than some easy-summer DIYs?

Therefore, to keep you entertained during these long summer days, I have selected a handful of zero waste summery DIYs to try out.

I'll share them with you from today until the end of August, so get excited! In today's blog post, I am sharing a great summer recipe: an easy calendula oil.

Let's get started!

Calendula Oil 

DIY Calendula Oil Recipe | Bottega Zero Waste

Why I love it

Calendula is by far my favourite summer oil, as it's so beneficial for when we spend a little more time outside and in the sun (always wear sunscreen though!).

Its (amazing) proprieties

Calendula oil is highly anti-inflammatory and it repairs damaged and irritated skin and scalp. It is skin-softening and smells amazing too!

How to prepare the oil

Fill up a jar with dried calendula petals, top up with oil.

Let infuse for 3-4 weeks.

Then strain the infused oil and transfer into a bottle.

P.S. I recommend sweet almond or sunflower oil as they are nourishing, odourless and fast to absorb.

What can it be used in

Literally anything you can think of that requires plenty of hydration, soothing and it's especially great for sensitive skin. Add calendula oil to:

  • body oils
  • body butters
  • solid lotions
  • body salves
  • lotions
  • natural soaps

NB: Avoid using it during pregnancy or nursing, particularly internally.

Check out my balms, butters and salves IG guide for some inspiration.

I really hope you have enjoyed the recipe, if you try it make sure to let me know by tagging me on Instagram, @bottegazerowaste.

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