Lavender Dreams Shampoo Bar - Normal hair
Lavender Dreams Shampoo Bar - Normal hair


Lavender Dreams Shampoo Bar - Normal hair

Lavender Dreams is the perfect shampoo bar for normal hair types.

Your hair doesn’t require very frequent washing and tends to get dry easily. It could definitely benefit from some more volume! Here are the key ingredients included in Lavender Dreams shampoo bar that, provided you have no specific allergies to them, could help you out:

Lavender: this plant provides a gentle but nourishing moisture while being incredibly calming for the skin and the sense.

Rasshoul clay: meaning “to wash” in Arabic, rhassoul clay is rich in minerals that improve hair's elasticity leaving it soft and voluminous, and revitilise your scalp by unclogging your scalp pores.

Rice protein: this completely vegetable protein comes from the rice seeds and can boost up the volume of your hair

Broccoli seed oil: protects and adds shine without weighting hair down

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