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10 Ingredients & 8 Recipes to build your entire bathroom routine

Soap Making: 3 Steps to Get Started

Shampoo Bars: Frequently Asked Questions

I have selected 10 natural ingredients which are easy to find plastic free and can be used to create a wide range of simple zero waste skincare and bathroom products.

My 3 exact steps on how to start making soap & formulate your own vegan, palm oil free recipes that will help you reduce waste!

Your most asked questions on shampoo bars to help you ditch any doubt you have before making a conscious purchase! 

Guide to the Most Common Soap Making Oils

3 Simple Zero Waste Summer Swaps

Guide to Zero Waste Cleaning

Every oil/butter has a unique fatty acid profile, so by selecting an oil/butter you can effectively decide what characteristics you want to give to your soap. Discover the most common soap making oils and their qualities!

These swaps include a solid sunscreen, a homemade aloe vera cream, and a natural deodorant. Each recipe will take you less than 15 minute to make. Enjoy!

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